Swan Island resilience model development; Phase I : conceptual model

Authors: Brook D. Herman, Paula E. Whitfield, Jenny Davis, Amanda S. Tritinger, Becky Raves Golden, S. Catie Dillon, Danielle M. Szimanski, Todd M. Swannack, Joseph Z. Gailani, and Jeffrey K. King This report documents the development of an integrated hydrodynamic and ecological model to test assumptions about island resilience. Swan Island, a 25-acre island in […]

Enhancing Benefits Evaluation for Water Resources Projects Towards a More Comprehensive Approach for Nature-Based Solutions: Planning and Valuation Methods for Case Study Analysis

The third in a series, this report provides methodological guidance for the retrospective case study analysis and should be of interest to technical readers at USACE, other federal agencies, and interested stakeholders. The report describes recent and relevant decision analysis methods designed to inform decision makers when considering or trading off among multiple objectives when […]

Assessing Drivers of Coastal Tundra Retreat at Point Hope, Alaska

Authors: Nicholas Cohn, Lauren V. Bosche, Taber Midgley, Christopher Small, Thomas A. Douglas, and Jeffrey King Shoreline erosion over the last few decades along the Point Hope, Alaska, USA coastline has led to considerable loss of tundra behind the beach. Analysis of available remote sensing, morphology, and hydrodynamic datasets are used to inform the time scales and mechanisms of coastal land […]

Quantifying mineral-associated organic matter in wetlands as an indicator of the degree of soil carbon protection

Authors: Anthony J. Mirabito, and Lisa G. Chambers As atmospheric carbon (C) concentrations increase, so too has interest in understanding the mechanisms that preserve C within the soil organic matter (SOM). Mineral-associated organic matter (MAOM) is one pool of SOM recently shown to protect soil organic C from mineralization. However, most MAOM research has been in […]

Operationalizing equity for integrated water resources management

Authors: Cydney K. Seigerman, S. Kyle McKay, Raul Basilio, Shelly A. Biesel, Jon Hallemeier, Andressa V. Mansur, Candice Piercy, Sebastian Rowan, Bruno Ubiali, Elissa Yeates, and Donald R. Nelson Advancing social equity has been implicitly and explicitly central to water resources policy for decades. Yet, equity remains largely outside of standard water resources planning and management […]

The Long Game – Landscape Architecture Magazine

Author: Jared Brey Landscape architects are working with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and building new networks through the Engineering With Nature program. The implications could be transformative for both. Read about how ERDC and the Dredge Research Collaborative worked together to explore ways for landscape architects and engineers to join forces to utilizing […]

Enhancing Benefits Evaluation for Water Resources Projects Towards a More Comprehensive Approach for Nature-Based Solutions: Consideration of Nature-Based Solutions in USACE Planning Studies

Authors: Eva Windhoffer, Susan Hughes, Thomas Hughes, Audrey Grismore, Abby Littman, Allison Haertling, Jordan R. Fischbach This document is the second in a series of reports produced as part of this collaborative effort. It is intended to outline the steps and processes taken to select six final case studies for analysis. The report includes: a) […]

Financing Natural Infrastructure: Exploration Green, Texas

Authors: Bari N. Greenfeld, Margaret H. Kurth, Matthew A. Smith, Ellis Kalaidjian, Marriah S. Abellera, and Jeffrey K. King This technical note is part of a series collaboratively produced by the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)–Institute for Water Resources (IWR) and the US Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC). It describes the funding […]

Wave attenuation of coastal mangroves at a near-prototype scale

Authors: Mary Anderson Bryant, Duncan B. Bryant, Leigh A. Provost, Nia Hurst, Maya McHugh, Anna Wargula, and Tori Tomiczek A physical model study investigating the dissipation of wave energy by a 1:2.1 scale North American red mangrove forest was performed in a large-scale flume. The objectives were to measure the amount of wave attenuation afforded […]

Planning and Implementation of Environmental Pool Management at Lake Red Rock, Des Moines River, Iowa

Authors: Alyssa J. Calomeni, Chuck Theiling, and Burton C. Suedel This technical note complements “Environmental Pool Management: The 25-Year Evolution of an Engineering With Nature® Practice,” an ArcGIS Story Map available for public access on the Engineering With Nature (EWN) website, and communicates the planning and implementation of environmental pool management (EPM) at Lake Red […]