Engineering coastal structures to centrally embrace biodiversity

Authors: Burton C. Suedel, Jon Calabria, Matthew V. Bilskie, James E. Byers, Kelsey Broich, S. Kyle McKay, Amanda S. Tritinger, C. Brock Woodson, Emily Dolatowski Global environmental factors (e.g., extreme weather, climate action failure, natural disasters, human environmental damage) increasingly threaten coastal communities. Shorelines are often hardened (seawalls, bulkheads) to prevent flooding and erosion and […]

Financing Natural Infrastructure: South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project, California

Authors: Margaret H. Kurth, Bari N. Greenfeld, Matthew A. Smith, Samuel M. Fielding, Marriah S. Abellera, and Jeffrey K. King This technical note is part of a series collaboratively produced by the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)–Institute for Water Resources (IWR) and the US Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC). It describes the […]

Remote Sensing Capabilities to Support EWN® Projects: An R&D Approach to Improve Project Efficiencies and Quantify Performance

ERDC EWN Technical Note Authors: Glenn M. Suir, Molly K. Reif, and Christina L. Saltus This document aims to describe the general underpinnings and utility of remote sensing technologies and applications for use: (1) in specific phases of the EWN® project life cycle; (2) with specific EWN® project types; and (3) in the quantification and […]

Swan Island: Monitoring and Adaptive Management Plan

ERDC Technical Report Authors: Paula E. Whitfield, Jenny L. Davis, Amanda S. Tritinger, Danielle M. Szimanski, Rebecca R. Golden, Joe Z. Gailani, Michael T. Ramirez, Brook D. Herman, Matt Whitbeck, and Jeffery K. King The monitoring and adaptive management plan (MAMP) used to document the monitoring parameters and procedures for Swan Island allows for the […]

Realizing Multiple Benefits in a Southeast Louisiana Urban Flood Control Project through Application of Engineering With Nature® Principles

ERDC EWN Technical Note Authors: Michelle Bourne, Jack Milazzo, and Burton Suedel This technical note documents a USACE–New Orleans District (MVN) project that successfully applied EWN principles in an urban landscape to reduce flood risk while providing other environmental, social, economic, and engineering benefits to both the community and the environment. Link to publication

The Forefront : A Review of ERDC Publications, Summer 2022

ERDC ITL Special Report Authors: Emily B. Moynihan, James M. O’Donoghue, andInformation Technology Laboratory (U.S.). Information Science and Knowledge Management Branch This issue of The Forefront highlights collaborations across ERDC and beyond through a collection of articles written by the ERDC Library. EWN had the top three most downloaded documents in all of ERDC this […]

The Application of Engineering With Nature® Principles in Colorado Flood Recovery

ERDC EWN Technical Note Authors: Sara Copp Franz, Jessica Cohn, Randy H. Mandel, Christopher Haring, and Jeffrey K. King This technical note features river-based restoration projects that incorporate Engineering with Nature® (EWN®), Natural and Nature Based Features (NNBF) approaches in the Front Range of Colorado as part of a comprehensive flood recovery program to protect […]

Engineering With Nature® in Fluvial Systems

ERDC EWN Technical Note Authors: Sara Copp Franz, Randy Mandel, Christopher Haring, and Jeffrey K. King This technical note stresses the increased need for EWN guidance for inland fluvial systems. It offers background on the growing need for riverine EWN guidance as well recommendations moving forward to help address those needs. Link to publication

New Initiatives Improve Wetland Restoration Outcomes: Engineering with Nature and the Use of Natural and Nature-Based Features

Wetland Science & Practice Authors: Jacob F. Berkowitz and Nia R. Hurst For some time, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has supported an initiative called Engineering With Nature® (EWN) and the application of Natural and Nature-Based Features (NNBF), both of which promote the incorporation of natural processes and structures into the design and operation of […]

Walter Marine and Atlantic Reefmaker Wave Attenuator

Authors: Duncan B. Bryant and Leigh A. Provost As part of a testing service agreement with Walter Marine and Atlantic Reefmaker, a 1:5.2 physical model of the Reefmaker Wave Attenuator was constructed and tested by the US Army Engineer Research and Development Center to evaluate its influence on wave attenuation. The tested prototype wave periods […]