Andrew McQueen

Andrew McQueenRESEARCH BIOLOGIST Email: Dr. McQueen serves on the Risk Integration Team where he focuses on risk assessment and management of dredged material and invasive species, understanding fate and effects of chemical, physical, and biological exposures, and investigating ways in which sustainable environmental, social, and economic benefits can be incorporated into navigation and port […]

Todd Bridges

Dr. Todd Bridges, PhDRETIRED, 02.28.2023 FOUNDER, EWN INITIATIVE Dr. Todd Bridges is the U.S Army’s Senior Research Scientist for Environmental Science. His responsibilities include leading research, development and environmental initiatives for the U.S. Army and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). Dr. Bridges is the National Lead for USACE’s Engineering With Nature initiative, which includes […]

Jeffrey King

Dr. Jeffrey K. King, PhD, PENATIONAL LEAD, EWN INITIATIVE Email: Dr. Jeffrey King is the USACE national lead for the EWN initiative. Prior to this role Jeff served as deputy national lead and program manager for the USACE EWN initiative from 2016 to 2023. In addition to managing a broad array of EWN activities and […]

Amanda Tritinger

Dr. Amanda TritingerASSISTANT PROGRAM MANAGER FOR ENGINEERING WITH NATURE® (EWN®), AND A RESEARCH HYDRAULICS ENGINEER AT THE COASTAL AND HYDRAULICS LABORATORY (CHL) Email: Dr. Amanda Tritinger is a Research Hydraulic Engineer with expertise in Coastal Engineering with a focus in numerical modeling and Engineering with Nature.  In the past year, she has worked with […]

Courtney Chambers

Courtney ChambersCOMMUNICATIONS LEAD, USACE EWN® INITIATIVE Email: Courtney Chambers is a research ecologist in the ERDC Environmental Laboratory. She coordinates EWN communication with many teams of experts sharing the principles of Engineering With Nature and amplifying the research, lessons learned, and opportunities for engagement. She is the primary contact for news or web updates […]

Safra Altman

Dr. Safra Altman, PhDRESEARCH ECOLOGIST Email: Safra Altman serves as the lead for the ERDC Environmental Laboratory’s Coastal Ecology team. The team uses creative scientific approaches and quantitative methods to develop tools for environmental restoration, environmentally sound dredging practices and use of dredged material, dune management, and management of threatened and endangered species. Dr. […]

Julie Beagle

Julie BeagleENVIRONMENTAL PLANNING SECTION CHIEF, USACE SAN FRANCISCO DISTRICT (SPN) Email: Julie Beagle is the Environmental Planning Section Chief for the USACE San Francisco District (SPN). She brings a focus on integrating nature-based approaches into USACE studies, projects, operations, and actions across all business lines. She is the environmental technical lead on several projects, […]

Nathan R. Beane

Dr. Nathan R. Beane, PhDRESEARCH FORESTER Email: Dr. Nathan Beane is the leading Research Forester within the U.S. Army ERDC where he has served since 2011.  Dr. Beane’s research supports civil and military projects in a variety of landscapes ranging from evaluating forest regeneration in the Florida Everglades to developing management frameworks for tundra […]

Jacob Berkowitz

Dr. Jacob Berkowitz, PhD, PWS, CPSSRESEARCH SOIL SCIENTIST Email: Dr. Jacob Berkowitz is the Environmental Laboratory team leader for wetlands research focusing on ecological assessment and restoration, soil biogeochemistry, and the improvement of approaches to wetland management. Additionally, Dr. Berkowitz serves as an adjunct professor at Louisiana State University and the University of South […]

Lauren Bosche

Lauren BoscheRESEARCH PHYSICAL SCIENTIST Email: In her work with the Cold Regions work unit of the EWN program, Lauren Bosche analyzes geospatial and remote sensing data at the Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory’s Alaska Research Office (CRREL-AKRO) in Fairbanks. Prior to her move to Alaska, Lauren worked as a Hazard Mitigation and Resiliency […]