Edward Brauer

Edward Joseph Brauer, P.E.SENIOR HYDRAULIC ENGINEER FOR THE USACE ST. LOUIS DICTRICT (MVS) Email: Edward.J.Brauer@usace.army.mil Edward Brauer is a senior hydraulic engineer in the USACE St. Louis District (MVS) and regional technical specialist in river engineering for the Mississippi Valley Division. He has 19 years of project experience, which includes navigation; environmental restoration; research on […]

David Crane

David CraneENVIRONMENTAL RESOURCES SPECIALIST FOR THE OMAHA DISTRICT (NWO) Email: David.J.Crane@usace.army.mil Dave Crane is an Environmental Resources Specialist in the Omaha District (NWO). He has 14 years of experience leading multidisciplinary, multiagency teams to plan, design, and oversee construction of projects with mutual ecosystem and flood risk management (FRM) benefits. He specializes in projects on […]

Elizabeth S. Godsey

Elizabeth S. Godsey, P.E.TECHNICAL LEAD FOR COASTAL ENGINEERING AND REGIONAL SEDIMENT MANAGEMENT FOR THE USACE MOBILE DISTRICT (SAM) Email: Elizabeth.S.Godsey@usace.army.mil Elizabeth Godsey is the technical lead for Coastal Engineering and Regional Sediment Management for the USACE Mobile District (SAM). She has over 19 years of experience within USACE, providing diverse civil, military, and interagency coastal […]

Danielle Szimanski

Danielle SzimanskiPROJECT MANAGER AND ECOLOGIST FOR THE USACE BALTIMORE DISTRICT (NAB) Email: Danielle.M.Szimanski@usace.army.mil Danielle Szimanski is a project manager and ecologist for the USACE Baltimore District (NAB) with 10 years of experience. She works in the Navigation Branch, focusing on shallow-draft operations and maintenance (O&M) dredging projects throughout the Chesapeake Bay and Maryland’s Coastal Bays, […]