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Brook Herman

Dr. Brook Herman, PhD


Brook Herman

Dr. Brook Herman is a research ecologist with the Integrated Ecological Modeling Team, Wetlands and Coastal Ecology Branch, Environmental Laboratory and is currently the acting program manager for the Ecosystem Management and Restoration Research Program. Before starting at ERDC, Dr. Herman worked for the Chicago District for nine years (2007-2016) in their planning branch. She was focused primarily on ecosystem restoration projects, completing feasibility reports along with environmental benefit modeling, designing approved projects, construction oversight and monitoring of completed projects. Currently, she is leading an effort to develop a novel fish community based ecological model to assist in the USACE planning process. She is involved with a group developing training and outreach material for Districts, Divisions and HQ on monitoring and adaptive management.  Ms. Herman has been working on Critical Species Modeling efforts including Pacific Northwest Salmonid and Freshwater Mussel models. In addition, she is assisting with plan formulation and is leading the environmental modeling effort for the Northern Kentucky Riverfront Feasibility project.

Brook’s education includes a B.A. from University of Northern Iowa, M.S. from Mississippi State, and a Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Chicago focused on ecological modeling and ecosystem restoration.

Interests include singing, baking, hiking and travel to Costa Rica to visit family and friends.


ERT 21-11: EWN and Social Equity

UGA-01: Characterizing USACE Natural and Nature-Based Feature (NNBF) projects

UGA-05: NNBF Project Evaluation Processes: Past, Present, and Future of Evaluation Metrics for Natural and Nature-base Infrastructure

UGA-06: Paired Extremes, Avoided Losses – Pre/Post Disaster Monitoring of Natural and Nature Based Features