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Safra Altman

Dr. Safra Altman, PhD


Safra Altman serves as the lead for the ERDC Environmental Laboratory’s Coastal Ecology team. The team uses creative scientific approaches and quantitative methods to develop tools for environmental restoration, environmentally sound dredging practices and use of dredged material, dune management, and management of threatened and endangered species. Dr. Altman has helped to develop landscape ecology models that incorporate habitat changes, landscape level changes and changes in ecological processes in barrier islands and has been involved in an international EWN initiative to develop engineering guidelines for Natural and Nature Based Features such as submerged aquatic vegetation, oyster and coral reefs, and coastal upland plant communities. Dr. Altman has experience with monitoring and adaptive management of coastal restoration and natural infrastructure projects and serves as a subject matter expert to support USACE Headquarters on coral reef ecology.


UGA 2  Developing and implementing a holistic framework for monitoring natural and nature based solutions (Co-PI with Seth Wenger)

UGA 6  Paired extremes, avoided losses – Pre/Post disaster monitoring of NNBF  (Co-PI with Marshall Shepard)

ERT 21-02 Promoting Long-Term Health and Viability of Sensitive SAV Habitats by Leveraging Placement of Sediment and Other Innovative Dredging Practices (Co-PI with Emily Russ)

ERT 21-04 Natural Infrastructure Opportunities Tool Case Studies (PI)

ERT 22-01 Identification of Opportunities for Beneficial Use of Dredged Material Within the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway