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Brian McFall

Dr. Brian McFall, PhD, PE


Dr. Brian McFall is a coastal engineer at the U.S. Army Engineering Research and Development Center (ERDC) with an expertise in wave mechanics and coastal morphological evolution. He applies his wave mechanics background to advance the research on nearshore placement of dredged sediment. While working for ERDC he created the Sediment Mobility Tool (SMT) which calculates how often sediment in a nearshore berm will be mobilized and where it is likely to go. He is currently leading a multi-agency team to amass a global beach grain size database to quantify coastal resilience and increase the beneficial use of dredged sediment by engaging citizen scientists in a project coined SandSnap. Outreach activities for SandSnap include educating the public about beach processes and inspiring the next generation to become coastal engineers and scientists by creating “beach kits” filled with scientific beach activities for children to check out at coastal libraries.


UGA-02: Developing and Implementing a Holistic Framework for Monitoring Natural and Nature Based Solutions

UGA-06: Paired Extremes, Avoided Losses – Pre/Post Disaster Monitoring of Natural and Nature Based Features

ERT-19-16: Characterize and Evaluate Performance of Sediment Strategically Placed Adjacent to Wetlands