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Burton Suedel

Dr. Burton Suedel, PhD


Burton Suedel

Dr. Suedel leads the Risk Integration Team in the ERDC Environmental Laboratory where among other research interests he investigates ways in which environmental enhancements can be incorporated into navigation and port infrastructure planning. He also manages the Dredging Operations Technical Support (DOTS) program that facilitates transfer of existing and new navigation and dredging technology to stakeholders in the USACE’ navigation mission. He has received international recognition for applying the EWN initiative in practice at multiple USACE navigation and coastal projects nationwide.


ERT-21-06: Environmental Pool Management: An EWN Innovation for Advancing USACE Water Operations Practice

Maximizing EWN in Urban Landscapes/Environments

ERT-20-07: Implementing Sustainable Dredged Sediment Management Practices for Supporting Coastal Wetlands