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Joseph Wilson

Joseph Wilson


Mr. Wilson is a graduate of Mount Olive University and the University of North Carolina with degrees in Marine Biology and Organic Chemistry. Before beginning his employment with the Corps of Engineers in 1977 he performed research in deep-sea oceanography at the University of North Carolina Marine Bio-Medical Research Center. His Corps experience has spanned four Corps districts (Wilmington, Charleston, Mobile, and Sacramento) and the Water Resources Support Center at Ft. Belvoir, VA. He has worked in regulatory, planning, operations and military programs and has extensive experience writing and reviewing environmental regulations and has served as a guest lecturer at George Washington University. As a senior policy writer with the Operations Division in the Directorate of Civil Works he is responsible for oversight and policy development for the environmental aspects of the Corps’ navigation program to include endangered species, the London Convention/Protocol, contaminated sediments, among others. He serves as headquarters program monitor for the Aquatic Nuisance Research Program, Dredging Operations and Environmental Research Program, Dredging Operations Technical Support Program and Water Operations Technical Support Program.