NBS Guidance

Guide to Hydropower Construction Good Practice

About This Guide

A joint publication by SNH, SEPA and Scottish Renewables. (2019). Guide to Hydropower Construction Good Practice. Scottish Environment Protection Agency.

The Scottish Government, Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) support hydro development as a key means of tackling climate change. However, protecting our natural heritage should be a key priority during any development. Development must not come at the cost of damage to and loss of Scotland’s species, valued habitats and wild landscapes. In the long term, the impact of some of these schemes could also damage rural economies where these are dependent on the quality of the landscape and natural heritage as visitor attractions.

This guidance has been developed to direct all stakeholders involved in development and construction of a hydro scheme to the appropriate sections of existing guidance, as well as provide a level of standing advice to help minimise construction impacts and highlight legislative compliance requirements.

We recommend this guide is presented to anyone working on a hydro construction site, and that owners of the scheme, or those responsible for carrying out construction work, ensure all parties understand and agree to adhere to these standards before construction commences.

SEPA and SNH should be contacted if anyone developing or constructing a hydro scheme has any questions about pollution prevention or natural heritage aspects (as per our SNH and SEPA Service Statements), or if you intend to make changes to pre-agreed plans.