NBS Guidance

Living Shoreline Design Guidelines for Shore Protection in Virginia’s Estuarine Environments

About This Guide

Hardaway, Jr., C.S., Milligan, D.A., Duhring, K., & Wilcox, C.A. (2017). Living shoreline design guidelines for shore protection in Virginia’s estuarine environment (SRAMSOE #463). Gloucester Point, VA: Virginia Institute of Marine Science.

These guidelines are meant to address the need to educate consultants, contractors, and other professionals in the use of living shoreline strategies. It provides the necessary information to determine where they are appropriate and what is involved in their design and construction. The guidelines focus on the use of created marsh fringes but also touch on the use of beaches for shore protection. The guidelines were created for the Virginia portion of the Chesapeake Bay estuarine system (Figure 1-1) but may be applicable to other similar estuarine environments. These references and tools are for guidance only and should not replace professional judgments made at specific sites by qualified individuals.