Chuck Theiling, PhD

Research Aquatic Ecologist, Environmental Laboratory, ERDC


Chuck Theiling is an interdisciplinary large river ecologist with 30 years’ experience on Illinois and Mississippi Rivers ecosystem monitoring, management, and restoration in the river-floodplain and watersheds.  Chuck worked closely with ERDC scientists since graduate school and moved from Rock Island District to ERDC in 2017 to emphasize innovative civil works management opportunities in Beneficial Use of Dredged Material in commercial markets and restoration projects and to develop hydroponic nutrient reduction systems for HABs mitigation on Corps projects.  Understanding the influence of Corps of Engineers navigation and flood control systems has been the driving factor for Environmental Flows investigations that began in 1991 and have expanded to the Minnesota River Basin and other rivers through the Sustainable Rivers Program.

Chuck Theiling, PhD


Researchers from ERDC, Iowa State University, the University of Iowa, and Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) discussed their ongoing resear......
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Chuck Theiling, PhD

Research Projects

Large navigable rivers have been modified in ways that channelize main channels and isolate off-channel aquatic areas to concentrate flow to create......
This project will create a wood revetment design tool that will be integrated into HEC-RAS to better assess Natural and Nature Based Features (NNBF......
The practice of managing reservoir and navigation pools to increase wetland habitat value while maintaining safe navigation and managing flood risk......
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