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Danielle Szimanski

EWN Coastal Practice Lead Project Manager and Ecologist, Baltimore District


Danielle Szimanski is a project manager and ecologist for the USACE Baltimore District (NAB) with 10 years of experience. She works in the Navigation Branch, focusing on shallow-draft operations and maintenance (O&M) dredging projects throughout the Chesapeake Bay and Maryland’s Coastal Bays, which have led to island creation, wetland restoration, and small-scale beach renourishment. In addition to her work on shallow-draft dredging projects, she also has experience in oyster restoration projects, sediment sampling analysis studies, and planning studies. Recently, Danielle has been working on the Swan Island modeling project team, a collaborative multiagency effort to quantify the benefits of the island’s restoration from the Baltimore District’s maintenance dredging project. She also sits on the Baltimore District’s Leadership Development Program (LDP) board of directors, designing, organizing, and teaching the District’s newly revamped program.

EWN Motivation: “I want to encourage open sharing of EWN research and ideas to allow further collaboration and improvements across a range of disciplines. I hope to bridge gaps between organizations with common goals, facilitating better understanding, creation of new ideas, and productive relationships on future projects.”

Danielle Szimanski

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Danielle Szimanski

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