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France Guertin

Senior Technology Manager; Engineered Natural Technologies Dow Chemical Company


France Guertin is Dow Chemical Company’s senior technology manager of Engineered Natural Technologies as part of the Global environmental Technology Center. In this role, France serves as the technical lead for the Dow’s Nature Goal working with manufacturing sites and businesses to implement projects and tools that plan, manage and invest in smarter, more productive ways that fit seamlessly within Nature. She started her career in 1986 with Dow Chemical Canada where she worked in various technologies and manufacturing roles for twelve years in both the US and Canada. She then took a leave from Dow to travel around the world and work in the renewable energy sector for a non-profit organization, The Pembina Institute and Northern Power Systems in Vermont. Always looking for the perfect venue to create sustainable solutions, she recently completed a professional certificate in Biomimicry. Exploring the science of Biomimicry, she has realized that “Chemistry” is at the heart of creating a sustainable world.

France Guertin


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