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Air Date: May 31, 2023

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Get ready for an exciting new season of the Engineering With Nature Podcast! Season 6 of the Engineering With Nature® Podcast launches on June 14. Host Sarah Thorne recently caught up with Jeff King, National Lead of the Engineering With Nature Program, to discuss highlights from Season 5 and give us a glimpse of what’s ahead.

The EWN Podcast launched in July 2020. With over 35,000 downloads to date, there’s a lot of interest in the topics discussed. As Jeff notes, “I just can’t believe the success we’ve seen in Season 5. When we kicked off Season 5, we had just over 24,000 downloads; and now as we kick off Season 6, we are over 34,000 downloads.” He adds, “I receive so much positive feedback from our listeners. Everywhere I go, people want to talk about the podcast; and there are episodes that really, really mean a lot to people. It’s wonderful to hear what an episode meant for somebody, what they learned from our guests, and how it’s impacting their life. So, I know the EWN Podcast is reaching a lot of people out there, and we want to continue to do that.”

Total Downloads of EWN Podcast episodes (from any season) during each season as of May 14, 2023.

Sarah also points out the staying power and continued relevance of the early Podcast episodes that account for many of the 10,000 downloads during Season 5. “When people come into the EWN Podcast—whatever episode they come into—they often go back and start listening from Season 1.”

Season 5 featured a broad range of EWN practitioners and leaders—scientists, engineers, policymakers, and others—within USACE, other US federal agencies, academia, industry, and nongovernmental organizations. All focused on innovative approaches to incorporating nature-based solutions into their work and encouraging others to do so. Sarah and Jeff review highlights from Season 5 episodes, and note that it was a particular privilege to have Lt. Gen. Spellmon, 55th Chief of Engineers and the Commanding General of the US Army Corps of Engineers, as a guest on Episode 6. His leadership, vision, and insights on innovation and partnerships and thoughts for the future were truly inspirational.

Sarah and Jeff also discuss the significant transition within the EWN Program with the retirement of Todd Bridges, the former National Lead for EWN. As Jeff describes, “We celebrated the retirement of a very close friend and colleague Dr. Todd Bridges, who retired at the end of February. We did a special episode, Episode 7, where we asked Todd to offer his thoughts on being in this role for such a long period of time. It was certainly inspirational, and he is definitely a visionary leader for Engineering With Nature.” Sarah concurs, adding, “It was my pleasure to work with Todd for the past 15 years, including on the initial development of EWN. Under Todd’s leadership, Engineering With Nature was initiated in 2010 as a little project on the side of the desk, and now it’s a global movement.”

Season 6 continues discussions of EWN and the application of nature-based solutions under the theme of Expanding the EWN Lattice. As Jeff explains, “I really am excited about having a new season to tee up, where we can really explore a lot of diverse topics.” Drawing inspiration from the three-dimensional nature of a crystal, he aims to expand the lattice of Engineering With Nature, considering all the interconnected facets, such as people, policies, research, and landscapes. Together, these elements create a larger, more encompassing feature that is EWN.

Mineral Quartz Crystal. USDA Photo by Ken Hammond. USDA Image Number: 93cs3951. Source: http://www.usda.gov/oc/photo/93cs3951.htm

Expect an impressive lineup of guests in Season 6, including scientists, engineers, landscape architects, government leaders, industry professionals, and representatives from First Nations. Each guest will offer unique perspectives on what’s happening in their respective fields, the opportunities they see, and what it all means for Engineering With Nature. The Season will kick off with Episode 1, featuring an in-depth discussion with Jeff about his passion and vision for Engineering With Nature as the new National Lead.

Mark your calendar for the launch of Season 6 on June 14! We hope you’ll tune in.

Episode Guests

National Lead, USACE EWN Program

President and CEO, Decision Partners Host and Co-Producer of the EWN Podcast


Engineering With Nature; EWN; N-EWN; natural and nature-based features; NNBF; nature-based solutions; NBS; natural infrastructure; ecosystem restoration; ecological engineering; ecosystem services; climate change; collaboration; extreme weather events; community resilience; coastal resiliency

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