Financing Natural Infrastructure: Exploration Green, Texas

Thursday September 29, 2022

Authors: Bari N. Greenfeld, Margaret H. Kurth, Matthew A. Smith, Ellis Kalaidjian, Marriah S. Abellera, and Jeffrey K. King This technical note is part of a series collaboratively produced by the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)–Institute for Water Resources (IWR) and the US Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC). It describes the funding […]

Wave attenuation of coastal mangroves at a near-prototype scale

Wednesday September 28, 2022

Authors: Mary Anderson Bryant, Duncan B. Bryant, Leigh A. Provost, Nia Hurst, Maya McHugh, Anna Wargula, and Tori Tomiczek A physical model study investigating the dissipation of wave energy by a 1:2.1 scale North American red mangrove forest was performed in a large-scale flume. The objectives were to measure the amount of wave attenuation afforded […]

Planning and Implementation of Environmental Pool Management at Lake Red Rock, Des Moines River, Iowa

Wednesday September 28, 2022

Authors: Alyssa J. Calomeni, Chuck Theiling, and Burton C. Suedel This technical note complements “Environmental Pool Management: The 25-Year Evolution of an Engineering With Nature® Practice,” an ArcGIS Story Map available for public access on the Engineering With Nature (EWN) website, and communicates the planning and implementation of environmental pool management (EPM) at Lake Red […]

S4 E9 – How England’s Environment Agency is Boldly “Mainstreaming” NBS Innovation

Wednesday September 21, 2022

In Episode 9, hosts Sarah Thorne and Todd Bridges, Senior Research Scientist for Environmental Science with the US Army Corps of Engineers and the National Lead of the Engineering With Nature® Program, are talking with two guests from England’s Environment Agency (EA) in the United Kingdom (UK). Julie Foley is Director of Food Risk Strategy and National Adaptation; and her colleague, Jon Hollis, is the Nature-Based Solutions Senior Advisor

Engineering coastal structures to centrally embrace biodiversity

Tuesday September 20, 2022

Authors: Burton C. Suedel, Jon Calabria, Matthew V. Bilskie, James E. Byers, Kelsey Broich, S. Kyle McKay, Amanda S. Tritinger, C. Brock Woodson, Emily Dolatowski Global environmental factors (e.g., extreme weather, climate action failure, natural disasters, human environmental damage) increasingly threaten coastal communities. Shorelines are often hardened (seawalls, bulkheads) to prevent flooding and erosion and […]

Benefits, Applications, and Opportunities of Natural Infrastructure – proceedings of an NAS workshop in brief

Tuesday September 20, 2022

Natural infrastructure is the practice of using naturally occurring aspects of the landscape and/or nature based solutions that use or imitate natural processes (e.g., wetlands, living shorelines, municipal green infrastructure) to support natural hazard resilience, climate change adaptation, and other benefits to people and ecosystems. Recognition of the multiple benefits of natural “green” infrastructure has […]

Webinar: September N-EWN Knowledge Series Available

Tuesday September 20, 2022

The Network for Engineering with Nature (N-EWN) presents its latest webinar: Opportunities for Engineering With Nature® (EWN®) in Unique Island Contexts: Puerto Rico. Guest speakers, Dave Hampton (LimnoTech) and Burton Suedel (ERDC-EL), share EWN highlights from the March 2022 symposium: Basin Sediment Management for Unique Island Topography, from mountain to estuary, featuring lessons learned from site visits throughout […]

S4 E8 – EWN Back to School—Thoughtful Advice for STEAM/STEM Students

Wednesday September 7, 2022

As students head back to class, Episode 8 of the EWN Podcast focuses on foundation of EWN—the disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM/STEM). In several episodes of the podcast, we’ve touched on the importance of encouraging students—the next generation of scientists, engineers, and EWN practitioners. Here we feature some additional discussion from guests from two episodes this season talking about STEAM/STEM and their advice to students.

Financing Natural Infrastructure: South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project, California

Wednesday August 31, 2022

Authors: Margaret H. Kurth, Bari N. Greenfeld, Matthew A. Smith, Samuel M. Fielding, Marriah S. Abellera, and Jeffrey K. King This technical note is part of a series collaboratively produced by the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)–Institute for Water Resources (IWR) and the US Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC). It describes the […]

Remote Sensing Capabilities to Support EWN® Projects: An R&D Approach to Improve Project Efficiencies and Quantify Performance

Tuesday August 30, 2022

ERDC EWN Technical Note Authors: Glenn M. Suir, Molly K. Reif, and Christina L. Saltus This document aims to describe the general underpinnings and utility of remote sensing technologies and applications for use: (1) in specific phases of the EWN® project life cycle; (2) with specific EWN® project types; and (3) in the quantification and […]