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Engineering With Nature

EWN Atlas Series

The EWN Atlas series showcase Engineering With Nature principles and practices in action through illustrations and descriptions of constructed projects around the world.

Traveling the Atlas

The EWN Atlas Series highlights projects and partnerships that meet the challenges of the 21st Century, showcasing the multifaceted benefits of integrating natural processes into engineering solutions. Within these pages, readers will discover a tapestry of case studies, methodologies, and success stories, each illustrating the transformative power of EWN. Each volume of the Atlas is structured around four essential elements which delineate the advancements and achievements of these projects.

    • Using science and engineering to produce operational efficiencies
    • Using natural processes to maximize benefit
    • Increasing the value provided by projects to include social, environmental, and economic benefits
    • Using collaborative processes to organize, engage, and focus interests, stakeholders, and partners
Available now

Engineering With Nature: An Atlas, Volume 3

Read The Atlases

Explore this collection of projects from around the world by downloading the books or viewing online. 

“These projects are delivering broad engineering, economic, environmental, and social value and demonstrate the potential and power of Engineering WITH Nature.”
LTG Scott A. Spellmon, 55th Chief of Engineers, and Commanding General U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, EWN An Atlas, Volume 2 Book Launch Ceremony (7 April 2021)