Engineering With Nature

Nature-Based Solutions Literature

These publications provide information about research efforts, field-level observations, and design/construction practices that collectively serve to advance our understanding of nature-based solutions.

Publications available online are linked in the citation. All ERDC related research is linked to Knowledge Core, ERDC’s digital repository. To inquire about a publication or to suggest a reference for inclusion in this repository, please contact us at:

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T. Shay Viehman, Borja G. Reguero, Hunter S. Lenihan, Johanna H. Rosman, Curt D. Storlazzi, Elizabeth A. Goergen, Miguel F. Canals Silander, Sarah H. Groves, Daniel M. Holstein, Andrew W. Bruckner, Jane V. Carrick, Brian K. Haus, Julia B. Royster, Melissa S. Duvall, Walter I. Torres, and James L. Hench
Published - 2023
Ecological Engineering
Hewageegana, V.H., M.V. Bilskie, C.B. Woodson, and B.P. Bledsoe
Published - 2022
JAWRA Journal of the American Water Resources Association
Cydney K. Seigerman, S. Kyle McKay, Raul Basilio, Shelly A. Biesel, Jon Hallemeier, Andressa V. Mansur, Candice Piercy, Sebastian Rowan, Bruno Ubiali, Elissa Yeates, and Donald R. Nelson
Published - 2022
Landscape Architecture Magazine
Jared Brey
Published - 2022
JGR Earth Surface
Nicholas Cohn, Lauren V. Bosche, Taber Midgley, Christopher Small, Thomas A. Douglas, and Jeffrey King
Published - 2022
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