Engineering With Nature

Nature-Based Solutions Literature

These publications provide information about research efforts, field-level observations, and design/construction practices that collectively serve to advance our understanding of nature-based solutions.

Publications available online are linked in the citation. All ERDC related research is linked to Knowledge Core, ERDC’s digital repository. To inquire about a publication or to suggest a reference for inclusion in this repository, please contact us at:

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Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution
Duda JJ, Jumani S, Wieferich DJ, Tullos D, McKay SK, Randle TJ, Jansen A, Bailey S, Jensen BL, Johnson RC, Wagner E, Richards K, Wenger SJ, Walther EJ, Bountry JA
Published - 2023
Current Opinion in Environmental Science & Health
Inácio M, Barboza FR, Villoslada M
Published - 2023
ASCE-EWRI World Environmental & Water Resources Congress
Orak NH
Published - 2023
Viehman TS, Reguero BG, Lenihan HS, Rosman JH, Storlazzi CD, Goergen EA, Canals Silander MF, Groves SH, Holstein DM, Bruckner AW, Carrick JV, Haus BK, Royster JB, Duvall MS, Torres WI, Hench JL
Published - 2023
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