Regional Sediment Management and Engineering With Nature In-Progress Reviews and Working Meeting

August 18-20 2015 

The RSM and EWN In-Progress-Review (IPR) and Working Meeting was held 18-20 August in Vicksburg, MS. About 50 attendees representing Corps wide MSCs, Districts, and ERDC participated. The IPR included briefings on FY15 RSM and EWN District and R&D initiatives and provided the opportunity to share lessons learned with the RSM and EWN Communities. The meeting included discussions on topics to advance RSM and EWN as well as R&D Demonstrations on

  1. National Coastal Mapping Program new products,
  2. Use of Biopolymers for Erosion Control on levees,
  3. the Sediment Research Laboratory, and
  4. the Cognitive Environmental Effects Research Flume

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