Engineering With Nature Buffalo District Collaborative Meeting

December 1-2, 2014

The USACE Engineering With Nature (EWN) team conducted a successful “Proving Ground” implementation workshop with USACE Buffalo District on 1-3 December. Approximately 30 USACE team members collaborated in this effort from Buffalo District, Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC)-Environmental Laboratory and ERDC-Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory. The Buffalo and Galveston Districts have agreed to serve as EWN Proving Grounds for District-wide implementation of the principles and practices of EWN. Participants shared information about EWN, ongoing projects, and worked in collaborative teams to identify opportunities to implement EWN principles and practices within the Districts current and future projects. Collaborating programs for this EWN effort include: Dredging Operations Environmental Research, Regional Sediment Management, Dredging Operations Technical Support, Ecosystem Management and Restoration Research, and Flood and Coastal.

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