Regional Sediment Management – Engineering With Nature Inland Working Meeting

USACE Omaha District hosted a Regional Sediment Management-Engineering With Nature (RSM-EWN) Inland Working meeting 29 April to 1 May 2014 in Omaha, NE. RSM program manager Linda Lillycrop (CHL) and EWN initiative lead Dr. Todd Bridges (EL) are working to expand RSM and EWN approaches to the inland waterway systems. District, ERDC, and IWR-HEC participants presented and discussed the RSM-EWN challenges and opportunities on riverine and reservoir systems; spoke on past and current RSM-EWN projects; and described numerical modeling capabilities that could be used or enhanced for these efforts. These briefs and discussions provided information to develop a framework for integrating RSM-EWN on inland systems. To access the final agenda and presentations, click below:

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