Engineering With Nature ‘Proving Ground’ Philadelphia District is making the news on the coast of New Jersey

Monica Chasten from the Philadelphia District, an EWN proving ground, spent the day with Mr. Ted Greenberg, Jersey Shore Reporter for the NBC affiliate out of Philadelphia, on the Dredge Murden. They observed the dredging and placement of sand for the Barnegat 1122 project. Monica shares that they are learning from the process at Barnegat inlet and will apply those lessons to other projects.

We are taking sand from where we don’t want it in the channels and putting it where we do want it.

Moncia Chasten, USACE Philidelphia District

Monica succinctly states, “It’s engineering with nature. The natural processes are going to move the material from the nearshore onto the beach more like nature.”

A Jersey Shore project is relocating sand to improve the safety of boaters and improve beaches. NBC10’s Ted Greenberg explains.