Up, Up, Up with Nature-Based Solutions

Length: 7 minutes, Air Date: April 13, 2022

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We’re getting ready to launch Season 4 of the Engineering With Nature® Podcast in May. Host Sarah Thorne recently talked with Todd Bridges, Senior Research Scientist for Environmental Science with the US Army Corps of Engineers and the National Lead of the Engineering With Nature Program, and Jeff King, Deputy National Lead of the Engineering With Nature Program, about the EWN Podcast and what’s ahead for Season 4.

The EWN Podcast launched July 2020 and, as Todd notes, “We have been amazed by the interest in the topic and the support of our listeners. At the end of March 2022, we reached a milestone with over 16,000 individual downloads of the Podcast!” Our listener base continues to grow. The EWN Podcast has tapped into the fast growing podcast industry. One of our goals in Season 4 is to break into the top 10% of podcasts—currently those that have 333 or more episode downloads in their first 7 days of availability. Season 3, Episode 10 had 278 downloads in the first 7 days, ranking in the top 12%-15%.

Graph of total podcast downloads during each season of the EWN Podcast as of March 2022.

Jeff adds, “It’s really been interesting to see the number of people reaching out to talk more about the episodes and expressing interest in the various topics covered.” Todd agrees, “There is clearly a strong interest and desire to engage on EWN topics and nature-based solutions to tackle complex issues, including climate change.”  

The theme for Season 4 is Up, Up, Up with Nature-Based Solutions. As Todd explains, “We’ve entered a critical decade with respect to climate change. Harm is unfolding at a faster pace than was expected, and we need to increase the scale of our interventions. I’m excited about the idea of scaling up, up, up with nature-based solutions. To produce large-scale projects, you have to partner and collaborate at a commensurate scale, depth, and substance of the problems that you’re trying to address. This must involve partnering across government agencies and, in particular, partnering between government and the private and nonprofit sectors. To be successful, we must have a multisector conversation about nature-based solutions and how we can deliver them together.”

Get ready to join us and our Season 4 guests as we discuss scaling up the application of innovative EWN and nature-based solutions. We’ll be talking about the leadership, partnerships, collaborations, science, and technology needed to successfully address a broad a range of landscape-scale challenges.  


Todd Bridges, Ph.D.
Senior Research Scientist (ST), Environmental Science
National Lead, Engineering With Nature®
US Army Corps of Engineers
Engineer Research and Development Center

Jeff King, Ph.D. P.E.
Deputy National Lead, Engineering With Nature®
US Army Corps of Engineers
Engineer Research and Development Center

Sarah Thorne
President and CEO, Decision Partners
Host and Co-Producer of the EWN Podcast


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