S5 E3 – What do You Want to Know about Nature? The National Nature Assessment

Wednesday January 11, 2023

The first ever National Nature Assessment (NNA) is currently underway to better understand how nature is faring in the United States and what it means to all our lives. That’s the focus of our discussion in Season 5, Episode 3, of the Engineering With Nature® Podcast.

An EWN Partner Spotlight: Building Cross-Border Collaborations to Support Nature-Based Solutions in Cold Regions

Monday January 9, 2023

Highlights from the Canada Nature-Based Workshop, June 2022 By Paula E. Whitfield, NOAA retired Setting the Stage: The Problem and the Solution What mental image do you conjure when you think of “cold regions”? Perhaps because I grew up in Washington State on a bluff overlooking Puget Sound and now live on Maine’s “Bold Coast,” […]

Engineering With Nature to Face Down Hurricane Hazards

Friday January 6, 2023

Written by: Krystyna Powell, Safra Altman and James Marshall Shepherd Natural and nature-based features offer promise for storm-related disaster risk reduction and flood mitigation, as long as researchers can adequately monitor and study them. In this article researchers from the Network for Engineering With Nature (N-EWN) describe workshop findings on coastal disaster monitoring and the role of natural and […]

Considering the Possibilities – Partnering with Nature

Wednesday January 4, 2023

Share your vision of people with nature in 2023.

Short Course: Engineering With Nature for Sustainable Estuaries hosted by Restore America’s Estuaries (RAE)

Wednesday December 14, 2022

8 December 2022. The USACE’s EWN initiative conducted a short course titled, “Use of Natural and Nature-Based Features in Estuarine Systems” in association with the Restore America’s Estuaries (RAE) conference in New Orleans, LA. This course included a series of technical presentations that covered a broad range of topics related to natural and nature-based features […]

S5 E2 – Nature-Based Solutions from the Halls of the Exec Office of the President

Wednesday December 14, 2022

What happens when a nation focuses on addressing the critical challenges posed by climate change by investing in nature? That’s what we’re talking about in Season 5, Episode 2, of the Engineering With Nature® Podcast.

South Pacific Division Becomes an Engineering With Nature Proving Ground

Wednesday December 7, 2022

USACE South Pacific Division (SPD) is partnering with ERDC to become the first Major Subordinate Command EWN Proving Ground. In doing so, SPD is joining a dynamic and growing community of practice across the USACE enterprise implementing EWN principles into the Civil Works program. EWN Proving Grounds are USACE districts and divisions committed to the […]

Operationalizing equity for integrated water resources management

Friday December 2, 2022

Authors: Cydney K. Seigerman, S. Kyle McKay, Raul Basilio, Shelly A. Biesel, Jon Hallemeier, Andressa V. Mansur, Candice Piercy, Sebastian Rowan, Bruno Ubiali, Elissa Yeates, and Donald R. Nelson Advancing social equity has been implicitly and explicitly central to water resources policy for decades. Yet, equity remains largely outside of standard water resources planning and management […]

2022 SUMMIT SUCCESS: Measuring What Matters

Wednesday November 30, 2022

A more comprehensive and equitable evaluation of benefits.

S5 E1 – ERDC Labs Collaborating on Leading Edge 3D Printing Nature-Based Solutions

Wednesday November 30, 2022

In the premier episode of Season 5 of the Engineering With Nature® Podcast, host Sarah Thorne, and Burton Suedel, Research Biologist at the Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC), are talking with two ERDC colleagues – Alan Kennedy, who is in the Risk Branch of the Environmental Laboratory, and Zackery McClelland, who is in the Concrete and Materials Branch of the Geotechnical and Structures Laboratory.