Realizing Multiple Benefits in a Southeast Louisiana Urban Flood Control Project through Application of Engineering With Nature® Principles

Friday August 19, 2022

ERDC EWN Technical Note Authors: Michelle Bourne, Jack Milazzo, and Burton Suedel This technical note documents a USACE–New Orleans District (MVN) project that successfully applied EWN principles in an urban landscape to reduce flood risk while providing other environmental, social, economic, and engineering benefits to both the community and the environment. Link to publication

The Forefront : A Review of ERDC Publications, Summer 2022

Wednesday August 17, 2022

ERDC ITL Special Report Authors: Emily B. Moynihan, James M. O’Donoghue, andInformation Technology Laboratory (U.S.). Information Science and Knowledge Management Branch This issue of The Forefront highlights collaborations across ERDC and beyond through a collection of articles written by the ERDC Library. EWN had the top three most downloaded documents in all of ERDC this […]

The Application of Engineering With Nature® Principles in Colorado Flood Recovery

Monday August 15, 2022

ERDC EWN Technical Note Authors: Sara Copp Franz, Jessica Cohn, Randy H. Mandel, Christopher Haring, and Jeffrey K. King This technical note features river-based restoration projects that incorporate Engineering with Nature® (EWN®), Natural and Nature Based Features (NNBF) approaches in the Front Range of Colorado as part of a comprehensive flood recovery program to protect […]

Engineering With Nature® in Fluvial Systems

Thursday August 11, 2022

ERDC EWN Technical Note Authors: Sara Copp Franz, Randy Mandel, Christopher Haring, and Jeffrey K. King This technical note stresses the increased need for EWN guidance for inland fluvial systems. It offers background on the growing need for riverine EWN guidance as well recommendations moving forward to help address those needs. Link to publication

Municipal Water Leader interviews USACE EWN

Tuesday August 9, 2022

In July 2022, Municipal Water Leader speaks with Dr. Todd Bridges, National lead for EWN, about scaling nature-based solutions to adverse weather and climate changes. Read the article. We need to make the exceptional nature-based projects of the past the common approach for delivering projects in the future. To do that, we need to continue to […]

Multi-Agency Kickoff Meeting – Quantifying Ecological Benefits of Levee Setbacks

Monday August 8, 2022

Flood control projects such as levees are part of the Nation’s aging infrastructure.  After repeated flood damage and repairs, repairing in-place becomes challenging, especially with the possibility of more frequent or extreme flood events associated with climate change. Alternate approaches, such as levee setbacks, are being considered more frequently. 27 June 2022. As part of […]

Hot off the press: Evolution of Benefits Evaluation and Prioritization of Water Resources Projects

Monday August 8, 2022

The USACE EWN® Program has partnered with The Water Institute of the Gulf to analyze past and current benefits evaluation approaches to identify practical options for improving federal practice for evaluating the economic, environmental, and social benefits of natural infrastructure and nature-based solutions. This is the first in a series of products that will identify opportunities for evaluating comprehensive […]

Technical Report – Engineering With Nature® Principles in Action: Islands

Monday August 8, 2022

This technical report highlights the role of islands in providing coastal resilience benefits in terms of reducing waves and erosion as well as other environmental and socioeconomic benefits to the communities and the ecosystems they reside in. Making this information available to practitioners will advance the use of dredged sediment to construct islands and other […]

S4 – EWN On the Road Podcast Miniseries

Thursday August 4, 2022

Welcome to the summer feature podcast miniseries—EWN On The Road. As we teased in Episode 5, in this special series, Todd Bridges, Senior Research Scientist for Environmental Science with the US Army Corps of Engineers and the National Lead of the Engineering With Nature® Program, is sharing some highlights of his travels across the country over the past 2 years visiting people, places, and projects relevant to EWN. The miniseries includes 4 episodes and will post August 3, 10, 17 and 24.

Coastal Canada Nature-Based Infrastructure Workshop Series

Monday August 1, 2022

Cold regions experience some of the most dynamic hydrodynamic processes on the planet and are undergoing rapid environmental change from rising sea levels, increased storms, and melting permafrost. While there is no universally accepted definition of a cold region or cold climate, it generally includes regions that experience harsh winter storms and ice, scouring currents […]