Engineering With Nature

EWN Atlas Series

The EWN Atlas series showcase Engineering With Nature principles and practices in action through illustrations and descriptions of constructed projects around the world.

“These projects are delivering broad engineering, economic, environmental, and social value and demonstrate the potential and power of Engineering WITH Nature.”
LTG Scott A. Spellmon, 55th Chief of Engineers, and Commanding General U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, EWN An Atlas, Volume 2 Book Launch Ceremony (7 April 2021)
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Engineering With Nature: An Atlas, Volume 3

EWN Atlas

Enabling Projects

In addition to real-world examples of Engineering With Nature, the Atlas collections identified many key enablers for creating infrastructure value through nature.

  • Innovation: developing new science, engineering practices, and methods of working.
  • Creative problem-solving: planning, project formulation, and design;
  • Documentation: recording the diverse benefits and performance of nature-based solutions.
  • Open communication: sharing widely and strategically to facilitate progress.
  • Education and Training: preparing people to support future needs and practice.
  • Collaboration: partnering across organizational boundaries and sectors in order to innovate.