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Regional Sediment Management (RSM) and Engineering With Nature (EWN) Working Meeting

Multi-day Event (July 22-
24, 2014)


The purpose of the working meeting was to identify RSM and EWN opportunities within USACE missions and to share successes and lessons learned in the field of water resources infrastructure and operations. The working meeting was sponsored and collaboratively organized by the RSM and EWN Programs. The overall goals of the working meeting were to:

  1. conduct the annual RSM and EWN In-Progress-Review (IPR) of FY14 initiatives,
  2. introduce four new EWN Action Demonstration Projects, and
  3. establish future direction and collaborations between RSM and EWN with USACE Districts.

Sixty participants included representatives from USACE Headquarters, Districts and ERDC. The working meeting included technical presentations, group breakout sessions and demonstrations on a broad range of topics associated with navigation, flood risk management, and environmental restoration. In addition, several dialogue sessions focused on innovative engineering and operational practices, modeling, data management, and strategic communications for the advancement of a joint RSM and EWN community.

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