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USACE-NOAA Collaboration Workshop on Natural and Nature-Based Features

Multi-day Event (March 1-
3, 2016)


NNBF Workshop Materials – 2016

A collaboration workshop on the topic of natural and nature-base features (NNBF) between the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration-National Ocean Service (NOAA-NOS) was held on 01-03 March in Charleston, South Carolina. NNBF refers to those features that define natural coastal landscapes and are either naturally occurring or engineered to mimic natural conditions. Some examples of NNBF are beaches and dunes, salt marshes, oyster reefs and barrier islands. The objectives of the workshop included to:

  1. Identify high-priority, resilience-based NNBF projects of common interest to USACE and NOAA-NOS;
  2. Categorize and prioritize projects that are identified for future collaboration;
  3. Form a USACE/NOAA-NOS Leadership and Implementation Group to provide agency advocacy and oversight; and
  4. Develop and publish a joint USACE/NOAA-NOS report that documents results of the workshop.

The workshop included a plenary session where USACE and NOAA-NOS senior leaders presented agency overviews related to NNBF and interactive breakout sessions to gather input on uncertainty, opportunities and challenges concerning NNBF. Forty workshop participants represented USACE (Headquarters, North Atlantic and South Atlantic Divisions, Galveston and Philadelphia Districts, ERDC Environmental and Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratories, and the Institute for Water Resources) and NOAA (National Ocean Service, National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science, Office for Coastal Management, Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services, National Geodetic Survey, National Marine Fisheries Service).

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