Engineering With Nature

Evaluating Resilience Co-Benefits of Engineering with Nature Projects

June 1, 2020

Brief Research Report Article in Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution titled Evaluating Resilience Co-Benefits of Engineering with Nature® Projects is now available.

We’d like to invite your consideration and feedback on our article “Evaluating Resilience Co-benefits of Engineering With Nature® Projects” that was published June 1, 2020 in Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution

Supporting system resilience is increasingly included as an explicit goal of engineering. How we can use nature-based solutions to support the combined resilience of human, infrastructure, and natural systems is a central goal of the USACE Engineering With Nature® Initiative. How we conceptualize and measure resilience will be key to how we use nature-based solutions.

…the ability of coastal ecosystems to buffer human systems from the impact of coastal processes may be dependent on the human systems managing the level of stress they place on ecosystems so that thresholds of what they can endure are not exceeded. Stated more simply, conserving and enhancing the natural system can support the resilience of coastal communities. (Kurth et al. 2020)

Kurth, M., Ali, R., Bridges, T., Suedel, B., and Linkov, I. (2020). Evaluating Resilience Co-Benefits of Engineering with Nature® Projects. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 8, 149.