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Greening the Grey: A Framework for Integrated Green Grey Infrastructure (IGGI)

About This Guide

Naylor, L.A.; Kippen, H.; Coombes, M.A..; et. al. (2017). Greening the Grey: a framework for integrated green grey infrastructure (IGGI). University of Glasgow report. URL: https://eprints.gla.ac.uk/150672/

The University of Glasgow (with Oxford University and NERC) have created a Framework for green-grey infrastructure. The IGGI report includes16 detailed case studies and 30 vignette examples of costed, innovative real world exemplars where “green” habitat has been included in grey infrastructure projects. In instances where wholly green alternatives are not possible and where infrastructure has to remain largely grey to function there are often still opportunties to include habitat. This report identifies the critical factors needed for successful IGGI projects. It details how these can be ascertained and provides values on the costs and a wide variety of services and benefits that might be expected from including an integrated green grey innovation (IGGI) in your scheme, either at design and installation stage, during repair, maintenance, or as a retrofit project on existing infrastucture. Examples and techniques cover historic monument and soft asset management, urban infrastructure and infrastructure at the coast. Drawing on a wide range of valuation tools and incorporating expertise and guidance from practitioners, policy makers and researchers we have created a framework designed to help keep greener grey infrastructure options for construction on the table – not as green wash but under their own merits. The Report now includes an updated Framework tool and a “How to” guide to assess the benefits and costs of your own IGGI measure.