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Autumn S. Murray

Research Physical Scientist, Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory, ERDC


Autumn S. Murray is a geologist studying fluvial geomorphology and river engineering. She received her MS in Earth and Environmental Science from Tulane University (2020) with a certificate in River and Coastal Science and Engineering. At Tulane, she worked with Dr. Mead Allison researching soil subsidence and accretion processes of marshes within Barataria Basin, Louisiana. She also competed in the AAPG Imperial Barrel Award Competition (Spring 2018, Gulf Coast Section). Autumn received her BS in Geology from Eastern Kentucky University (2017) with a minor in Geography and a certificate in Geographic Information Systems. At EKU, she worked with Dr. Walter Borowski studying sedimentary environments of deposition and identified microfossils from Ordovician carbonates of the Clays Ferry Formation in Central, Kentucky. She is also an alumni of Indiana University Geologic Field Camp (G429), which involved a 6 week field course in geologic mapping of the Rocky Mountains.