Dr. Candice Piercy

Research Environmental Engineer, Environmental Laboratory, ERDC


Dr. Candice Piercy (BS, PhD Virginia Tech, and PE) is a research environmental engineer with 8 years of experience working with the Integrated Ecological Modeling team at USACE-ERDC. Her research focus is on the simulation of feedbacks between ecological and physical processes, primarily driven by vegetation, in a variety of ecosystems including salt marshes, dunes, estuaries, and river floodplains. She also conducts field monitoring studies and helps develop ecologically-informed engineering guidance for coastal ecosystems.

Dr. Candice Piercy


EWN researchers will share expertise in an upcoming webinar hosted by the American Society for Civil Engineers. Nature-based solutions (NbS) h......
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Dr. Candice Piercy

Research Projects

This project will advance the state of the practice for manmade oyster reefs through the improvement of computational modeling tools that can simul......
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