Dr. Emily Russ

Research Biologist, Environmental Laboratory, ERDC


Dr. Emily Russ began working with the Environmental Lab as a Research Biologist on the Integrated Ecological Modeling Team in 2020 after completing a NOAA Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship in which she served as an advisor to the Technical Director of Civil Works. Emily was first introduced to the EWN community during her Knauss Fellowship at an international working group meeting on developing natural and nature-based feature (NNBF) guidelines in Edinburgh, Scotland. Prior to joining ERDC, Emily completed her dissertation on sediment transport in the Chesapeake Bay, which included work on sediment-vegetation interactions in a large submerged aquatic vegetation bed. She is a self-taught coder in Python and R, with an emphasis on GIS applications, and is excited to use her background to work with the Integrated Ecological Modeling Team on developing open-source ecological models.

Dr. Emily Russ


This virtual workshop delved into the challenges and opportunities surrounding the utilization of Beneficial Use of Dredged Material (BUDM) to enha......
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Dr. Emily Russ

Research Projects

Submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV) habitats provide a variety of important ecosystem services, including fish habitat, nutrient sequestration, and ......
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