Glenn Suir

Research Agronomist, Environmental Laboratory, ERDC


Glenn M. Suir is a member of the Geospatial Data Analysis Team in the ERDC Environmental Laboratory and stationed on the campus of the University of Louisiana in Lafayette. The focus of Dr. Suir’s research is on developing, assessing, and monitoring of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystem processes through the advancement and integration of remote sensing techniques, geographic information system design, and landscape models. His recent studies have been used to quantify and evaluate wetland structure and function, assess episodic impacts and perform historical landscape reconstructions, and use novel remote sensing techniques to monitor and guide operations, critical ecosystem restoration, and adaptive management efforts across a variety of USACE civil works business lines.

Glenn Suir

Research Projects

This Engineering With Nature project will monitor the short-term evolution of the sand berm to provide measures of berm performance and potential i......
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