Leigh Provost

Research Coastal Engineer


Ms. Leigh A. Provost is a research coastal engineer in the USACE-ERDC Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory. Her background includes both physical and numerical modeling of nearshore hydrodynamic processes and environmental dredging. Since her start at ERDC, Ms. Provost has had experience on several physical and numerical modeling studies investigating coastal risk and coastal protection solutions. Specifically, she has been involved with laboratory work investigating the role of mangroves on coastal protection, as well as both laboratory and field research involving utilizing natural materials to enhance coastal dune stability. Her research focuses on integrating engineering with natural processes to evaluate sustainable options for coastal protection. Ongoing efforts she is involved with include collaboration through the Network for Engineering with Nature with the University of Florida to investigate ecological drivers of dune stability to improve coastal dune management strategies. Ms. Leigh A. Provost received a B.S. in Ocean Engineering from Florida Tech in 2017 followed by an M.S in Ocean Engineering.

Leigh Provost

Research Projects

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