Nathan R. Beane, PhD

Research Forester, Environmental Laboratory, ERDC


Dr. Nathan Beane is the leading Research Forester within the U.S. Army ERDC where he has served since 2011.  Dr. Beane’s research supports civil and military projects in a variety of landscapes ranging from evaluating forest regeneration in the Florida Everglades to developing management frameworks for tundra vegetation above the Arctic Circle.  Dr. Beane currently serves as vegetation lead for the Intelligent Environmental Battlespace Awareness (IEBA) research program, provides expert consultation and research support to a host of military installations and USACE projects, and is the principal investigator for EWN® efforts focused on reservoir management and identifying reforestation opportunities following extreme events.

Nathan R. Beane, PhD

Research Projects

Forest ecosystems are complex environments that fulfill multiple benefits as well as provide essential habitat for many threatened, endangered, and......
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