Dr. Paul R. Schroeder, PhD, PE

Research Civil Engineer, Environmental Laboratory, ERDC


Paul R. Schroeder serves as the Sediment Management Team Leader in the Environmental Laboratory where he has worked on hundreds of projects related to dredged material management, sediment engineering, evaluation of environment effects of dredging operations, and sediment remediation. He has co-authored more than 200 publications and presentations in the area of dredging and dredged material disposal and remediation of contaminated sediments, including all of the current USACE and USEPA guidance documents for subaqueous capping, evaluation of dredged material management alternatives, dredging and dredged material disposal, and environmental dredging for sediment remediation. Additionally, he has developed 10 models for the ADDAMS dredging toolbox for evaluating and managing dredged material.

Dr. Paul R. Schroeder, PhD, PE

Research Projects

Sediments in the urban harbors often exhibit elevated levels of PCBs bioaccumulation, limiting their suitability for beneficial use or placement in......
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