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June 2023

Linking CE-QUAL-W2 with SWAT

About This Presentation

Mr. Mitch Delcau (LimnoTech) delivered a presentation titled “Linking CE-QUAL-W2 with SWAT” at the International Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) Conference, June 28, 2023. The presentation explored the integration of CE-QUAL-W2 with SWAT. Our team identified the key water quantity and quality variables and processes that will provide the link between the SWAT and CE-QUAL-W2 models. SWAT’s outputs represent the quantity and quality of runoff from the upload watershed into the reservoirs that are then modeled by CE-QUAL-W2. To be able to harmoniously link the models, relations between the different water quality variables need to be developed to lay the foundation for an integrated modeling approach. SWAT and CE-QUAL-W2 also have different data formats, so a methodology is being developed to efficiently link SWAT data with CE-QUAL-W2, ensuring that both models communicate effectively. New data preprocessing will address the inherent temporal and spatial differences between the models.

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