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Enhancing Benefits Evaluation for Water Resources Projects Towards a More Comprehensive Approach for Nature-Based Solutions: Case Study Analysis Results and Recommendations

Jordan R. Fischbach, Soupy Dalyander, Tim Carruthers, Colleen McHugh, Allison DeJong, Brett McMann, Abby Littman, Allison Haertling, Patrick Kane, and Craig A. Bond
June 21, 2023

About This Publication

This document is the fourth and final report produced as part of this collaborative effort. Previous reports developed during this project describe the evolution of USACE evaluation approaches from prior eras of planning to the present day (Ehrenwerth et al., 2022), investigate where and how NBS were considered in planning studies from 2005–2020 (Windhoffer et al., 2023), and review relevant planning and valuation methods that could be applied by USACE to improve NBS evaluation and were considered to inform the subsequent case study analysis (Fischbach et al., 2023).