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Nature Based Solutions for Department of the Navy in the Desert Southwest

Christopher Allen, Jason Bernagros, Jason Bird, Hollie Janson Schmidt, Enrique Lopezcalva, Armin Munevar, Terry Schaumberg, Susy Torriente, Cinamon Vann, Brett Wylie, Tianya Yang, Kira Zender, and Karen Rhea (graphic designer)
September 22, 2023

About This Publication

This report highlights the unique challenges and opportunities for utilizing NBS at Department of Defense (DoD) installations in the Desert Southwest. The proposed solutions highlighted in this report use NBS to harness the power of nature to support mission sustainment and resilience in the harsh, arid climate of the Desert Southwest. At the same time, these solutions provide considerable opportunities to explore the integrated nature and co[1]benefits of carbon sequestration, biodiversity, and water resources. The examples here are only a glimpse of the much larger potential for use of NBS at DoD installations. They demonstrate a range of possible NBS that could be developed or envisioned for installations facing diverse natural hazards and challenges.