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Use of Strategic Placement of Dredged Sediments to Support Horseshoe Island in the Atchafalaya River, Louisiana: A Preliminary Ecological Survey

Jacob F. Berkowitz, Nathan R. Beane, Darrell E. Evans, Burton Suedel and Jeffrey M. Corbino
August 31, 2014

About This Publication

ERDC Technical Note

This technical note describes an Engineering With Nature (EWN) project being conducted in the Atchafalaya River, Louisiana. The current work presents a wetland classification, vegetation survey map, preliminary ecological inventory, and soil descriptions for an island receiving strategically placed dredged sediments (i.e., Horseshoe Bend Island) located within the Atchafalaya River. The practice of strategically placing dredged sediments upriver of a naturally occurring island was conducted with the intent of aiding the islands growth to produce greater environmental benefits than otherwise would be present using more conventional placement practices. The results provided background information regarding ecosystem classification and mapping, floral and faunal composition of the island, and background data supporting future research efforts. Opportunities for additional research are also presented.

Research Projects

This EWN Action Project provides biological and hydrological monitoring data to quantify benefits and otherwise improve our understanding of the maturation of beneficial use of dredged material within the Atchafalaya ...