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Engineering With Nature CSTORM Modeling Toolkit

Project Information

USACE Districts require a method for predicting the impact that Engineering With Nature (EWN) features may have on the coastal resiliency of communities, quantifying changes to predicted values of storm surge, inundation, and wave attenuation for various storm events (i.e. 1/100, or 1/1000) if these features were implemented. Presently, numerical modeling of EWN features requires manual integration into the bathymetry/mesh, entailing a high level of skill and a significant time commitment. Each time the feature is altered, mesh must be rebuilt. Consequently, a limited set of NNBF measures will be implemented numerically for a subset of storm conditions and those effects will be extrapolated to other study regions, increasing the uncertainty of the study conclusions. The purpose of this project is to include a toolkit to create and permutate EWN features within the Coastal STORM – Modeling System (CSTORM-MS) of numerical models (ADCIRC/STWAVE), allowing Districts to look at variations of design parameters for varying NNBFs without having to modify model bathymetry every time, leading to a significant time and cost savings.


Point of Contact

Research Mathematician, Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory, ERDC

Deputy Program Manager, USACE EWN Program