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Optimal EWN solutions for wetland remediation: a FUNWAVE-based numerical framework

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Testing EWN® alternatives is difficult because of the large range of spatio-temporal scales involved. The
project will develop a high-resolution, multiscale numerical simulation platform based on the FUNWAVETVD model for investigating the effectiveness of wetland EWN® solutions. The platform will incorporate all relevant wetland physics, and will be applicable to a wide range of USACE wetland Natural and Nature-Based Feature (NNBF) solutions. It will provide a quick and inexpensive way of screening Thin-Layer Placement (TLP) sites for strategic placement and importance for the local habitat.


  1. Develop and validate new numerical modules for additional capabilities (fine scale hydrodynamics,
    interaction with vegetation and porous media).
  2. Validate new capabilities against field observations.
  3. Develop/release a transferrable numerical framework to the USACE community with formal guidance
    for operational utility.


The platform will be designed and tested as a direct application to the Thin-Layer Placement (TLP) project
(Altieri et al.). The team will gather comprehensive hydrodynamics and sediment transport observations
at various sites. All elements of the numerical platform (new modules, bathymetric grids, boundary
conditions, etc.) will be validated against field observations. The platform will be used to evaluate the
effectiveness of alternative solutions. Numerical simulations will also be used to inform whether dredged
sediments can be strategically placed in locations within or near a wetland.


Point of Contact

Research Mathematician

University Term Professor, Department of Civil & Coastal Engineering, University of Florida


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