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Quantifying the Efficacy of Floating Vegetated Canopies for Shoreline Protection

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This project will assess the efficacy of using vegetated floating canopies for shoreline protection. Vegetated floating canopies are a novel Nature Based Solution (NBS) that can dissipate and redirect wave energy before it reaches the coastline. This project will use state-of-the-art observation systems to measure how much wave energy is eliminated by vegetated floating canopies and will incorporate these observations into numerical models. 

Rendering of potential community interaction with the Emerald Tutu floating platforms that will provide protection to the city from storm impacts and improve water quality.

A Review of Innovative Technologies for Erosion and Flooding Protection

This literature review explores the challenges posed by erosion and flooding in coastal counties, focusing on the contrasting approaches of nature-based solutions and hard structures. It delves into the innovative Emerald Tutu, a system of floating vegetated platforms, and their potential for reducing wave energy, storm damage, and improving water quality in coastal areas.

The project centers on a network of environmentally-friendly mats arranged off the Boston shoreline to protect from rising sea levels and storms. Image courtesy of The Emerald Tutu.

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