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EWN Researchers Present at the Stone Living Lab Conference: Nature-Based Coastal Resilience in Urban Settings

Multi-day Event (April 26-
28, 2023)


Dr. Andrew McQueen, Margaret Kurth, and Stephanie Galaitsi from the ERDC Environmental Laboratory (EL), Environmental Risk Assessment Branch (EPR), participated in the Stone Living Lab’s first in-person conference held in Boston, MA from April 26-28, 2023. The conference centered around the application of Nature-Based Coastal Resilience in Urban Settings and brought together top experts from academia, industry, government, and environmental consulting to facilitate meaningful discussions and idea exchange on the latest advancements in using nature-based solutions to address climate change risks and sea-level rise in coastal urban environments.

McQueen’s presentation, “Opportunities for Applying Natural and Nature-Based Features (NNBF) in Coastal Urban Marshes”, focused on the ongoing EWN project pertaining to application of nature-based solutions in the last and largest remaining salt marsh in the greater Boston area. His presentation demonstrated both locally and regionally, the resilience services provided by EWN in urban coastal marshes.

Kurth presented on two additional EWN® projects: (1) Equitably Incorporating Human Well-Being Benefits and Best Practices in Funding, and (2) Financing Natural Infrastructure.

ERDC Environmental Laboratory (EL) researchers Dr. Andrew McQueen, Margaret Kurth, and Stephanie Galaitsi at the Stone Living Lab Conference.
Dr. McQueen participating in a panel discussion focused on working with salt marshes to renew and preserve coastlines.

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