Margaret Kurth

Research Environmental Engineer, Environmental Laboratory, ERDC


Margaret Kurth is a Research Environmental Engineer in the Environmental Risk Assessment Branch (EPR). Her educational background is in natural resource management and water resource engineering. Under the umbrella of risk and decision science, Margaret’s current research focuses on how to operationalize resilience thinking as a management objective so it can enter decision spaces. Resilience science presents many research opportunities, e.g., how to design for recoverability; whether we should adjust our tolerable risk thresholds; how to minimize regret under uncertain futures; and others, which require blending disciplines while also formulating context-specific framing. Engineering With Nature principles, paired with analysis, can guide resilience strategies for various systems and scales.

Margaret Kurth


Dr. Andrew McQueen, Margaret Kurth, and Stephanie Galaitsi from the ERDC Environmental Laboratory (EL), Environmental Risk Assessment Branch (EPR),......
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Margaret Kurth

Research Projects

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