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Nature Based Solutions for Puerto Rico

Multi-day Event (May 4-
5, 2022)


A symposium hosted by USACE Engineering With Nature® and FEMA Community Planning & Capacity Building

Objective: Develop a path forward for implementation of Natural and Nature-Based Features (NNBF) for flood risk reduction and other infrastructure projects in Puerto Rico (PR). In the midst of hurricane recovery, the island is exploring natural infrastructure options to support sustainable, resilient communities.

The USACE Engineering With Nature program and global partners, who collectively authored the International Guidelines on Natural and Nature-Base Features for Flood Risk Management, are committed to sharing the collective best practice for utilizing NNBF. These features exemplify the EWN aim of aligning human purposes and natural processes for greater benefit.

Dune vegetation.

What are NNBF? Natural and Nature-Based Features (NNBF) refer to the use of landscape features to produce Flood Risk Management benefits. Projects incorporating NNBF may also produce other economic, environmental, and social benefits known as co‑benefits. These landscape features may be natural (produced purely by natural processes) or nature based (produced by a combination of natural processes and human engineering). Landscape features can be used alone, in combination with each other, and in combination with conventional engineering measures such as levees, floodwalls, retention ponds, and other structures. Projects incorporating NNBF are often called nature-based solutions (NBS).


Agenda (PDF)

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Todd Bridges, US Army Corps of Engineers

Candice Piercy, US Army Corps of Engineers

Boris Ton Van Zanten, World Bank

Chris Haring , US Army Corps of Engineers

Nathan Beane, US Army Corps of Engineers

Duncan Bryant, US Army Corps of Engineers

Tori Tomiczek, US Naval Academy

Maria Dillard, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Safra Altman, US Army Corps of Engineers

Burton Suedel, US Army Corps of Engineers

Todd Bridges, US Army Corps of Engineers

Luis Rivera-Herrera, Federal Emergency Management Agency

Hosted by:
FEMA Community Planning and Capacity Building

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