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Short Course: Engineering With Nature Design hosted by ASBPA National Coastal Conference


The USACE’s EWN initiative conducted a short course titled, “Engineering with Nature Design” in association with the Coastal Zone Foundation in Long Beach, California. This course included a series of technical presentations covering a broad range of topics related to natural infrastructure (NI) including (1) an overview of the EWN program, (2) an introduction to NI applications in coastal wetlands and beaches, (3) an overview of EWN Beneficial Use best practices (4) a description of available EWN design and modeling tools and materials, and (5) case studies describing the use of EWN engineering tools.

Approximately 30 individuals participated in the short course, which included 8 speakers from a diverse set of organizations applying EWN practices to address current and anticipated challenges confronting our nation’s coastal areas. All participants in the EWN Short Course received a copy of the EWN Atlas, which served as a course book highlighting 56 EWN projects. The ASBPA Short Course agenda for the September 13th presentations is included. Likewise, the presentations are also included for your review. Short Course Agenda

From the Participants

“Excellent course, I got so much out of it and it was very effectively presented.”

“This was great. Thank you for making it interactive.”

“Great presentation with an incredible amount of information!!”

“Amazing! It was nice to hear from numerous different subject experts. I would have liked to hear about ACOE innerworkings, like how to get an EWN co-sponsored project in my City’s jurisdiction.”

“Great course, I learned a lot. I particularly liked how well nature based and classic solutions can be integrated, e.g. dunes or other nature based feature created above harder structures to provide further protection in case of extreme event (and the nature-based feature can be restored but protected infrastructure damage is reduced).”


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