E. Michelle Bourne, MS

Research Physical Scientist, Environmental Laboratory, ERDC


Michelle Bourne joined the Environmental Laboratory as a Research Physical Scientist in 2008, during which time she earned her Master of Science degree with a major in Soil and Water Science. Enthusiastic about environmental restoration, Mrs. Bourne conducts human health and ecological risk assessments using qualitative and quantitative measures. Her EWN-related experiences include: (1) managing the development and publication of the Engineering With Nature: an Atlas, and (2) constructing and maintaining the EWN Geographic Project Mapping Tool (ProMap) and database.

E. Michelle Bourne, MS


Flood control projects such as levees are part of the Nation’s aging infrastructure.  After repeated flood damage and repairs, repairing in-place b......
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E. Michelle Bourne, MS

Research Projects

This project will develop improved levee setback engineering guidance, standards, and priorities for levee setback projects. The guidance will link......
There is tremendous interest internal to USACE and elsewhere to integrate a suite of EWN case studies that highlight natural and nature-based featu......
Urban landscapes, watersheds, and waterfronts increasingly suffer from loss of valuable aquatic and terrestrial habitat, reduced water quality, and......
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