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Maximizing EWN in Urban Landscapes/Environments

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Urban landscapes, watersheds, and waterfronts increasingly suffer from loss of valuable aquatic and terrestrial habitat, reduced water quality, and increased flooding. This project will show how EWN® principles can be applied to the challenges of urban environments by consolidating learning gained from previous EWN R&D efforts and application by USACE Districts, the USEPA, and others. Working closely with landscape architects (LAs), this project will communicate best practice examples and provide guidance on how EWN principles can be successfully applied in the planning and design phase of projects in the urban environment to maximize the environmental, economic, and social project benefits. The project will also seek opportunities to monitor projects after construction to quantify and communicate the resultant benefits related to, for example, wildlife habitat, stormwater infiltration/bio-filtration, native plantings, urban canopy, and heat island reduction.



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Research Physical Scientist, Environmental Laboratory, ERDC

Research Biologist, Environmental Laboratory, ERDC


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