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Edward Brauer. P.E.

Senior Hydraulic Engineer, St. Louis District


Edward Brauer is a senior hydraulic engineer in the USACE St. Louis District (MVS) and regional technical specialist in river engineering for the Mississippi Valley Division. He has 19 years of project experience, which includes navigation; environmental restoration; research on river-training structures, including physical effects and environmental impacts; sediment transport; geomorphology; field methods; and lock design on rivers within the U.S., South America, and Europe. He has developed and led classes on shallow draft navigation and river-training-structure design and construction (including EWN topics) for engineers in the U.S. and Brazil. He is a member of the USACE River Engineering Committee, the chair of the River Engineering Working Group, the secretary of the World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure (PIANC) Environmental Commission, and an adjunct professor at St. Louis University.

EWN Motivation: “I enjoy working to find solutions to engineering problems that include added value for a broad set of project partners and stakeholders. I want to foster consistent application of EWN principles within the districts and subsequently with the field-level engineers, biologists, and local stakeholders to support a cultural change in how we approach problems.”

Edward Brauer. P.E.

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Edward Brauer. P.E.


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