Jacob Berkowitz, PhD, PWS, CPSS

Research Soil Scientist, Environmental Laboratory, ERDC


Dr. Jacob Berkowitz is the Environmental Laboratory team leader for wetlands research focusing on ecological assessment and restoration, soil biogeochemistry, and the improvement of approaches to wetland management. Additionally, Dr. Berkowitz serves as an adjunct professor at Louisiana State University and the University of South Florida. He has conducted wetland investigations in >35 states; resulting in >50 peer-reviewed journal publications, technical reports, and book chapters examining wetland processes in wide variety of landscapes ranging from coastal Alabama to the North Slope of Alaska. Current research projects include evaluation of ecological restoration trajectories, development of novel wetland assessment approaches, and the investigation of soil physical and microbial community response under a variety of Engineering With Nature scenarios.

Jacob Berkowitz, PhD, PWS, CPSS

Podcast Appearances

Coastal ecosystems provide an essential part of the solution to global climate change, along with multiple benefits. Among other things, coastal ec......
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Jacob Berkowitz, PhD, PWS, CPSS


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Jacob Berkowitz, PhD, PWS, CPSS

Research Projects

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